MHI Spotlight: Fafa Nukunu

MHI Spotlight: Fafa Nukunu


Fafa Nukunu

We all know Fafa has had a strong passion for reaching out in her community throughout her life, but there is a lot more to her passion than meets the eye.

Born in 1993, this now 24 year old is the first of 4 other children in her immediate family. Her parents moved around a lot and wanted her to receive a stable education, so she lived with both of her maternal and paternal grandparents during her childhood. Experiences from living with family members sparked a fire within her that would later give birth to her passion for social justice and education for young girls. By age 12, she new she was going to build a non-profit one day.

Since then, she has not only created programs that help children afford writing materials and help young girls support each other and challenge the status quo, she is also a gold award winner for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award for young people, helped arrest and find resources to persecute 2 rapists (AND support for the victims and families), conducted health screenings at her church and neighborhood at home, supports 2 high school students, and so much more.

Today she is a registered nurse that dreams of traveling the world, featuring in a Hollywood movie, and perhaps studying at Harvard Law. We are immensely grateful to have her on our team and look forward to big things.

Happy Birthday, Fafa!